O Sel Ling

Las Alpujarras

Opposite Pampaneira village, 2km up the western side of the Poqueira gorge, you can just make out the stupa of the small stone Buddhist monastery, established as a retreat centre by a Tibetan monk in 1982. It makes a good destination for a hike.

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3. Casa Alpujarreña

1.41 MILES

Located in the lower village beside the church, this folk museum occupies a typical mountain house, giving a glimpse of bygone Alpujarran life through its…

4. Hilacar ArtesAna


At the top of town, this is the Alpujarras' only remaining artisan workshop of jarapas, those colourful rugs you'll spot all over the Poqueira villages…

5. Casa-Museo Pedro Antonio de Alarcón


An ancient village home with a modest exhibition on local farming and living utensils, and the life and work of the Guadix-born novelist Pedro Antonio de…

6. Mirador Era de la Platera

10.71 MILES

This viewing platform at the top of the village commands huge views over the surrounding hills down to the white town of Cádiar. The terrace was once used…

7. Bodega Cuatro Vientos

14.38 MILES

Cuatro Vientos is the winery behind the Alpujarras' famous, smooth Malafollá reds, and also has its own restaurant. On a 90-minute tour you'll see a wine…

8. Espacio Brenan

14.73 MILES

On the main road, the old Fonda de Manuel Juliana is where Gerald Brenan stayed upon first arriving in Yegen in the 1920s. It's now a small, fascinating…