Must-see attractions in The DMZ

  • Joint Security Area

    The DMZ

    Unquestionably the highlight of any trip to the DMZ is the Joint Security Area (JSA) at Panmunjeom. An improbable tourist destination, it's here where the…

  • Third Infiltration Tunnel

    The DMZ

    Since 1974, four tunnels have been found running under the DMZ, dug by the North Koreans so that their army could launch a surprise attack. Walking along…

  • Dora Observatory

    The DMZ

    Peer through binoculars for a voyeuristic glimpse into the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK; North Korea). On a clear day you can make out…

  • Dorasan Train Station

    The DMZ

    Awaiting the next departure to Pyongyang (and onward trans-Eurasian intercontinental travel), Dorasan train station stands as a symbol of hope for the…

  • Imjingak

    The DMZ

    This park is dedicated to the 10 million South Koreans separated from their families when the peninsula was divided postwar. Also here is the Freedom…

  • Dorasan Peace Park

    The DMZ

    This mildly diverting park has a couple of modern Korean tanks, some deer, an outdoor photo display and a few saplings called, groovily, the Paul…

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