Bamseom Beach


The largest of Sapsido's beaches is Banseom Beach, a broad stretch of golden sand on the island's southern coast. To find it, follow the road to the left of the minbak village at Witmaeul marina.

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1. Jinneomeo Beach

1.08 MILES

Of the many island beaches, this is the cleanest one with striking ocean views, the least amount of trash and a half dozen nearby pensions.

2. Daecheon Beach

8.67 MILES

This popular strip of almost golden-hued sand runs for 3.5km and is about 100m wide during low tide. The main hub of activity is at its southern end, near…

3. Kkotji Beach

11.61 MILES

Of the many beaches on Anmyeondo, one of the best is Kkotji Beach (꽃지해수욕장), a gentle 3.2km-long stretch that’s a glorious 300m wide at low tide and…