Kelly's Beach

Sunshine Coast

West of the Kowie River estuary mouth, this idyllic, 400m-long arc of golden sand ticks all the right boxes – it's clean and safe for swimming and sunbathing, and it's supervised.

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2. Big Pineapple


Local farmers own the Big Pineapple, a few kilometres from the village en route to Port Alfred. This fiberglass replica of a pineapple stands 16.7m high –…

4. Great Fish Point Lighthouse

13.82 MILES

Views from this lighthouse, 25km east of Port Alfred, encompass magnificent dunes and coastline. The dirt road from the highway turn-off is somewhat rough…

5. Sibuya Game Reserve

14.59 MILES

A few kilometres north of Kenton-on-Sea, Sibuya is a wonderfully scenic place to see a variety of wildlife, including a few lions, white rhinos, elephants…

6. Kariega Game Reserve

16.2 MILES

An upmarket (but not luxurious) choice, this 100-sq-km reserve 14km north of Kenton-on-Sea offers a chance to see the Big Five (although leopards are very…

7. 1820 Settlers National Monument

29.35 MILES

This monument to the hardy British settlers and their contributions to South Africa has stupendous views of the surrounding countryside, and contains…

8. Grocott’s Mail

29.43 MILES

Grocott’s Mail is one of Grahamstown's best examples of a preserved historic shopfront. It still houses a working newspaper office.