KwaZulu-Natal Museum

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This impressive museum has a range of well-curated displays reflecting a diversity of cultures, including settler history, war records, stuffed birds and marine life. The hall of African mammals is particularly stunning, with a huge number of stuffed animals in a relatively small space.

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1. Tatham Art Gallery

0.12 MILES

In keeping with Pietermaritzburg’s self-styled role as a heritage city, one of its finest sights, the art gallery, was started in 1903 by Mrs Ada Tatham…

2. City Hall

0.16 MILES

The colonial-era City Hall is the largest load-bearing red-brick building in the southern hemisphere.

3. Statue of Gandhi

0.19 MILES

A statue of Gandhi, who was famously ejected from a 1st-class carriage at Pietermaritzburg station, stands defiant opposite some old colonial buildings on…

5. Modern Memorial Church

0.33 MILES

The words of the Vow that the Voortrekkers made with God at the Battle of Blood River are in the Modern Memorial Church.

6. Church of the Vow

0.39 MILES

The Church of the Vow was built in 1841 to fulfil the Voortrekkers’ promise to God at the Battle of Blood River.

7. Msunduzi Museum

0.39 MILES

Formerly known as Voortrekker Museum, Msunduzi Museum comprises a complex that incorporates the Church of the Vow, the home of Andries Pretorius, a…

8. Hindu Temples

0.97 MILES

Three Hindu Temples grace the northern end of Langalibalele St.