Former Standard Bank

Cape Town

Home to a branch Standard Bank from 1883 to 2011, this grand neo-classical style building, designed by Charles Freeman is topped by a statue of Britannia. It's closed to the public.

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1. First National Bank

0.06 MILES

One of the final projects of Sir Herbert Baker, completed in 1913. Pop inside to see some of the original fittings in the domed central banking hall.

2. Krotoa Place

0.07 MILES

In the City Bowl along St George's Mall there's a plaque at Krotoa Place commemorating the 17th century Khoe-San woman Krotoa van Meerhof, who acted as an…

3. Mutual Heights

0.08 MILES

Clad in rose- and gold-veined black marble, Mutual Heights is the most impressive of the City Bowl’s collection of art deco structures. The facade is…

4. Mullers Opticians


One of the the most beautifully preserved art deco shopfronts in the City Bowl, a landmark since 1920, this is South Africa's oldest optician, founded in…

5. Market House

0.11 MILES

The most elaborate example of art deco architecture on Greenmarket Sq, this building has majestic stone-carved eagles and flowers on its facade as well as…

6. Kimberley House

0.12 MILES

This art deco building facing Greenmarket Sq is constructed from sandstone and decorated with an attractive diamond-theme design.

7. New Zealand House

0.12 MILES

This grand example of art deco architecture was designed by WH Grant in a style known as Cape Mediterranean.

8. Protea Assurance Building

0.13 MILES

This dazzling white art deco building fronting onto Greenmarket Sq was built in 1928 and renovated in 1990.