Wonder View

Blyde River Canyon

A viewpoint offering amazing vistas of the lowveld far below.

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Nearby Blyde River Canyon attractions

1. God's Window

0.74 MILES

A viewpoint offering amazing vistas. Take the trail up to the rainforest (300 steps), where you might spot rare birds, including the elusive loerie, on…

2. Berlin Falls

3.78 MILES

Crashing down the cliffs, this waterfall is at its most impressive in summer (October to March), when there is most water.

3. Lisbon Falls

3.88 MILES

This waterfall is a highlight of the Blyde River Canyon area, especially in summer (October to March), when the water flows hardest.

4. Pinnacle

4.08 MILES

A striking skyscraper-like rock formation.

5. Graskop Gorge Lift

6.31 MILES

This glass viewing elevator travels 51m down the sheer cliffs of Graskop Gorge, with views of the Big Swing opposite, to an elevated forest boardwalk,…

6. Diggings Museum

9.12 MILES

Just southeast of town along the Graskop road is the open-air Diggings Museum, where you can see how gold was panned. You need to visit on a tour, which…

7. Alanglade

9.18 MILES

A former mine-manager’s residence at the northern edge of town, beautifully decked out in 1920s style with original artefacts. Tours need to be booked 30…

8. Central Garage Transport Museum

9.23 MILES

Great for classic-car enthusiasts, this museum illustrates the development of transport in Pilgrim's Rest from 19th-century ox wagons to Ford, Bedford and…