Spioenkop Battlefield


A strategic site coveted by both British and Boer forces.

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1. Spioenkop Nature Reserve

3.26 MILES

The Spioenkop Nature Reserve is a tranquil spot surrounding a dam on the Tugela river that zebras, white rhinos, giraffes, antelope and over 290 bird…

2. Winterton Museum

11.63 MILES

This small museum is stuffed with insightful exhibits on San rock art, Zulu history and the Anglo-Boer war, specifically the Spioenkop battle.

3. Fort

16.44 MILES

Opposite Settlers Dr is a wall with loopholes from the original fort, built as a refuge from Zulu attack and now part of the police station.

4. Siege Museum

16.66 MILES

This museum, next to the town hall in the old Market House (built 1884), which was used to store rations during the Anglo-Boer War siege, may be small but…

5. Long Tom

16.66 MILES

A replica of Long Tom, a Boer gun capable of heaving a shell 10km, is near the town hall. Long Tom was put out of action by a British raiding party during…

6. Castor & Pollux

16.66 MILES

Outside the town hall are two guns, Castor and Pollux, used by the British in defence of Ladysmith.

7. Cathedral Peak Nature Reserve

27.18 MILES

Cathedral Peak Nature Reserve is known for having some of the most awe-inspiring scenery in the Drakensberg. It sits between Royal Natal National Park and…

8. Didima San Rock Art Centre

27.26 MILES

The Didima San Art Centre, at Didima Camp 1km into Royal Natal National Park, offers an insight into San rock art, though sadly many of the exhibits,…