Prince Imperial Cenotaph


Marks the spot where Prince Imperial Louis Napoleon was killed on the battlefield.

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Nearby KwaZulu-Natal attractions

1. Ncome Museum

13.67 MILES

The important Ncome Museum offers the Zulu perspective of the Battle of Blood River, as well as other other conflicts between the Zulu and Boers. The…

2. Blood River Heritage Site

15.84 MILES

The Blood River battle site is marked by a full-scale bronze re-creation of the Boers' 64-wagon laager (an encampment fortified by a circle of wagons),…

3. Isandlwana Battlefield

16.92 MILES

The Isandlwana Visitors Centre has a small museum; the entrance fee includes the battlefield. The battlefield itself is extremely evocative. White cairns…

4. Fugitive's Drift

21.49 MILES

One of the less famous sites in the area, Fugitive’s Drift is best visited with a local guide. It's the route those attempting to flee the Battle of…

5. Rorke’s Drift Battlefield

21.67 MILES

Rorke’s Drift Orientation Centre, on the site of the original mission station, is an impressive museum, especially for fans of the film Zulu. The Zulu…