Strunjan Landscape Park

Nature Reserve in Slovenian Coast

For centuries the people who lived at Strunjan, a peninsula halfway between Izola and Piran, were engaged in salt-making. Today the old salt-pan area is protected, along with other natural and cultural heritage sites, inside Strunjan Landscape Park. Although there has been much development (resorts and public beach areas) around Strunjan Bay to the southwest, much of the peninsula’s northern coast is remarkably unspoiled.

The north is bounded by a 4km-long flysch cliff, up to 80m high. There are pathways along the clifftop and some good viewpoints; it is also possible to walk along the rocky shoreline below.

Buses linking the coastal towns stop at Strunjan Bay; you can also access the park's walks from the Belvedere resort west of Izola.