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Equal parts pretty and gritty, Košice captures attention with its old town, a jewellery box of Gothic towers, medieval bastions and baroque sculpture. The pride of Eastern Slovakia's largest city is its central square, which boasts the country's greatest concentration of historic monuments.

Since Košice's tenure as European Capital of Culture in 2013, the cultural scene has continued to bloom: offbeat bars, Soviet city tours and vegetarian dining share the limelight with well-established draws like the showstopping Gothic cathedral, philharmonic orchestra and, yes, ice hockey.

Košice is also a convenient anchor for day trips to Eastern Slovakia's more enigmatic attractions. Within a two-hour drive of the city you can discover the gnarled limestone caverns of Slovak Karst National Park (southwest), Andy Warhol history in Medzilaborce (northeast) and peaceable Tokaj wine country (south and east).

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