Great War Island


Despite the name, this island at the confluence of the Sava and Danube Rivers is a peaceful retreat from bustling Belgrade. Once a strategic defence point in various battles for the city, it's been left to run gloriously wild, offering a haven to almost 200 bird species (and a handful of locals who've set up vikendice – holiday shacks – in its overgrown interior). Lido Beach at its northern tip is a popular swimming spot.

During summer, a temporary bridge is set up between Zemun and the island, though getting here by kayak is a lot more fun; Belgrade Adventure offers tours.

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1. Nebojša Tower

0.69 MILES

A former dungeon, the tower (1460) – the largest and best preserved in the fortress – now serves as a museum, with some excellent exhibits on the Ottoman…

2. Big Gunpowder Magazine


The huge Gunpowder Magazine (1718) was set up by the Austrians as a safe place to hide artillery; today it houses a collection of stone monuments,…

3. Roman Well

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4. Museum of Contemporary Art

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5. Sveta Petka Church

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6. Ružica Church

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7. Belgrade Fortress


Some 115 battles have been fought over imposing, impressive Belgrade Fortress (aka Kalemegdan); the citadel was destroyed more than 40 times throughout…

8. Clock Tower

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Climb the 18th-century, 27.5m-tall tower’s narrow stairs to check out the inner workings of this landmark clock and snap some panoramic shots of…