George Waterston Memorial Centre


This small display has photos and exhibits on Fair Isle's natural history, crofting, fishing, archaeology and knitwear.

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Nearby Shetland attractions

1. Sumburgh Head Visitor Centre

26.62 MILES

High on the cliffs at Sumburgh Head, this excellent attraction is set across several buildings. Displays explain about the lighthouse, foghorn and radar…

2. Jarlshof

27.28 MILES

Old and new collide here, with Sumburgh airport right by this picturesque, instructive archaeological site. Various periods of occupation from 2500 BC to…

3. North Ronaldsay Lighthouse

27.49 MILES

At the northern end of the island, this lighthouse is over 100ft high and one of many built across Scotland by the Stevenson family. A visitor centre and…

4. Old Scatness

27.64 MILES

This dig brings Shetland’s prehistory vividly to life; it’s a must-see for archaeology buffs, but fun for kids, too. Clued-up guides in Iron Age clothes…

5. Quendale Water Mill

28.59 MILES

South of Boddam, a minor road runs southwest to Quendale. Here you’ll find the small but excellent, restored and fully operational 19th-century Quendale…

6. New Kirk

29.44 MILES

In the centre of North Ronaldsay island, the New Kirk holds an interesting exhibition of B&W photos that document various aspects of North Ronaldsay life.