Argyll's Lodging


This elegant building is Scotland's most impressive 17th-century town house, built for a wealthy local merchant and later acquired by the Earl of Argyll when he thought that Charles II might use Stirling Castle as a royal residence. It has been tastefully restored and gives an insight into the lavish lifestyle of 17th-century aristocrats. You can join a 20-minute guided tour (included in the Stirling Castle admission fee) or wander through the house at your leisure.

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1. Mar's Wark

0.05 MILES

Mar's Wark (wark is an old Scots word for 'building') is the ornate facade of a Renaissance town house commissioned in 1569 by the wealthy earl of Mar,…

2. Mercat Cross

0.08 MILES

The Mercat Cross is topped with a unicorn (known as the 'Puggie'), and was once the focus of a bustling market.

3. Church of the Holy Rude

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The Church of the Holy Rude has been the town’s parish church for 600 years; the infant James VI was crowned here in 1567, making it the only British…

4. Tolbooth

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The Tolbooth, built in 1705 as the town's administrative centre, is now an arts venue.

5. Cowane's Hospital

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Cowane’s Hospital was built as an almshouse in 1637 by the merchant John Cowane. It has been closed since 2015, but there are plans to restore the…

6. Old Town Jail

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This impressive Victorian prison building lay derelict from the 1960s until 2015, when it was reopened as a visitor attraction. Costumed guides lead tours…

7. Stirling Castle

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Hold Stirling and you control Scotland. This maxim has ensured that a fortress of some kind has existed here since prehistoric times. You cannot help…