Museum of the University of St Andrews

MUSA celebrates the history of Scotland's oldest university, and showcases treasures such as medieval silver maces, rare books and manuscripts, and 16th-century astronomical instruments. At research time the museum was closed for refurbishment until autumn 2019.

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1. St Andrews Castle

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The castle is mainly in ruins, but the site itself is evocative and has dramatic coastline views. It was founded around 1200 as a fortified home for the…

2. St Andrews Aquarium

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As well as a seal sanctuary, rays and sharks from Scottish waters, and exotic tropical favourites, St Andrews Aquarium has penguins, alligators and a cute…

3. St Andrews Cathedral

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All that's left of one of Britain's most magnificent medieval buildings are ruined fragments of wall and arch, and a single towering gable, but you can…

4. British Golf Museum

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5. Royal & Ancient Clubhouse

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6. St Andrews Museum

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St Andrews Museum has interesting displays that chart the history of the town from its founding by St Regulus to its growth as an ecclesiastical, academic…

7. Scotland's Secret Bunker

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