Must see attractions in Kaliningrad

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    Museum of the World Ocean

    Strung along the banks of the Pregolya River are several ships, a submarine, maritime machinery and exhibition halls that together make up this excellent…

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    Amber Museum

    Housed in the 19th-century Dohna Tower on the southern shore of the Upper Pond (Верхний пруд), this is a terrific introduction to the 'sunstone' –…

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    Kaliningrad Cathedral

    Photos displayed inside this Unesco World Heritage site attest to how dilapidated the cathedral was until the early 1990s – the original dates back to…

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    History & Arts Museum

    Housed in a reconstructed 1912 concert hall built on the banks of the pretty Lower Pond (Нижний пруд), this museum features an impressive diorama upstairs…

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    Kant Island & Riverside

    This once densely populated island – now a parkland dotted with sculptures – is dominated by the Kaliningrad Cathedral. A few nearby buildings – the…

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    Altes Haus

    This unique museum is housed in a 1912-era apartment house, which has been restored to its former state of early-20th-century Königsberg glory and stuffed…

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    Friedland Gate

    This history museum is housed in the 19th-century Friedland Gate, which was for years one of the main entry points into the fortified city. Admission…

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    Kaliningrad Art Gallery

    Housed inside a neoclassical former stock exchange building from the 1870s, this art gallery has a permanent photo exhibition of the wartime ruins of…

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    Kaliningrad Zoo

    This is one of the city's most popular attractions for families, so expect lines on the weekends. The zoo dates from 1896, when it was founded as the…

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    Bunker Museum

    The city’s last German commander, Otto Lasch, capitulated to the Soviets from this subterranean command post on 9 April 1945, following the bloody Battle…

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    King's Gate

    Focusing on Peter the Great’s Grand Embassy to the city in 1697, this revamped gate also has good models of old Königsberg and exhibits on the…

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    Amalienau (to the city’s west along pr Mira) is Kaliningrad's most beautiful neighbourhood and offers visitors a glimpse of the city's prosperous pre-WWII…

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    Woody Allen Monument

    This simple sculpture, a bronze hand holding Woody's signature spectacles, is a witty local tribute to the man born 'Allen Konigsberg'. To find it, walk…

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    Fish Village

    Banish any notion of a quaint fishing village. This half-timbered riverside development houses a cute – if vaguely theme-parkish – jumble of hotels, shops…

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    New Synagogue

    One of three synagogues in Königsberg, the 1896 New Synagogue was destroyed in the aftermath of the 1938 Kristallnacht pogrom in 1938. It was rebuilt,…

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    Kant's Tomb

    Noted philosopher and Kaliningrad native Immanuel Kant (1724–1804) is buried along the northern edge of the exterior of Kaliningrad Cathedral on Kant…

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    Central Park

    This forest-like park, on the grounds of an old German cemetery, has statues, funfair rides and an amphitheatre hosting summer concerts.

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    Cosmonaut Monument

    The Cosmonaut Monument is a gem of Soviet iconography honouring several cosmonauts from the region.

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    Dohna Tower

    The red-brick Dohna Tower, on the southern shore of the Upper Pond (Верхний пруд) dates from 1853 and served as a fortress to protect the adjacent…

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    Ploshchad Pobedy

    The city’s central square has come a long way since 1934, when it was known as Adolf-Hitler Platz. Today it's surrounded by shopping malls and the rather…