Museum of the Imperial Porcelain Factory

Museum in Smolny & Vosstaniya

Image by Ksenia Elzes Lonely Planet

Run as an outpost of the Hermitage, this superb museum has a stellar display of the various designs the factory has produced over the centuries and will appeal to anyone interested in this very Russian handicraft. Among the collection you'll find everything from bespoke dinner services used by the tsars to unique constructivist tea sets created in the 1920s, indicative of the factory's versatility in serving its various political masters.

Don't miss the exquisite collection of porcelain statuettes depicting the various peoples of Russia and beyond, with clothing so beautifully rendered it looks like fabric. There's also a porcelain shop here where prices are slightly lower compared to the factory's city-centre outlets. To get here, turn left out of the metro station and walk under the bridge. Turn left on the embankment and you’ll see the factory ahead.