Must see attractions in Mineral Water Spas

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    Kurortny Park

    Founded in 1823 and covering 1340 hectares, this hillside park is among the largest in Europe. It's riddled with walking trails past rivers, ponds,…

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    Mt Mashuk

    There's a fantastic view of Pyatigorsk, and all the way to Mt Elbrus on good weather days, from the 993m summit of Mt Mashuk. You can reach here either by…

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    Lermontov Museum

    Many Pyatigorsk attractions revolve around larger-than-life writer, poet, painter, cavalry soldier, society beau and duellist Mikhail Lermontov. Chief…

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    Narzan Gallery

    This graceful, well-preserved 1850s building recalls the spa town of Bath in England. Inside, the rich, carbonic Narzan Spring bubbles up inside a glass…

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    Park Tsvetnik

    This lovely wooded park with many architectural and monumental features forms a 1km-long arc around the eastern end of pr Kirova on the lower slopes of Mt…

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    Yaroshenko Museum

    The highlight of this museum, which is based in three attractive wooden houses in lovely gardens, is the 'White Villa' (Belaya Villa), housing a small but…

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    Alikonovka Gorge

    Around 8km west of Kislovodsk is this rugged gorge. It's an attractive spot that trades on a legend about a boy who leapt from the nearby cliffs out of…

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    Lermontov Duel Site

    In a clearing on the forested western flank of Mt Mashuk is a monument marking the Lermontov duel site. The exact spot is unknown, but it is thought to be…

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    Ring Rock

    This naturally formed archway, in a limestone cliff 10km north of central Kislovodsk, is an intriguing sight, despite the abundance of graffiti. At the…

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    Chaliapin Dacha Literary Museum

    The legendary Fyodor Chaliapin (1873–1938) lived in this palatial wood and stained-glass villa in 1917. Now a museum, it features paintings and photos of…

  • P

    On the south slope of Mt Mashuk, the Proval natural spring lies hidden inside a cavern. There is a religious icon on the wall inside. Outside, a bronze…

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    Narzan Baths

    The Moorish exterior of the Narzan Baths, dating from 1904, is looking very handsome after a recent restoration. Unfortunately, the building has been…

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    St Nicholas Cathedral

    With five gold domes, this is a 1999 reconstruction of the original 19th-century orthodox cathedral destroyed during Soviet times in 1936. The interior…

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    Valley of Roses

    A highlight of Kurortny Park is this formal planting of roses. A long avenue of pines trees frame a huge ground design in the shape of a single rose –…

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    Mt Beshtau

    Ask locals about hiking routes up and around this 1400m, five-peaked mountain that gives Pyatigorsk it's name. It's located a couple of kilometres…

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    Cascade Stairs

    These broad steps, planted with flower beds, lead up into Kurortny Park. The colonnade at the top provides a frame for vistas across central Kislovodsk.

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    Drinking Gallery

    You can sample the local mineral water (small/large cups R2/5) here. It tastes rather sulphurous, but the best reasons for dropping in are the wonderful…

  • F

    An Italian company designed this circular fountain that performs a dramatic music and lights show (with even the occasional burst of fire!) every evening…

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    Insect Museum

    This small museum houses a small collection of critters (spiders, snakes, frogs) as well as a lovely butterfly collection from around the globe.

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    Academic Gallery

    This attractive classical building is perched above the eastern terminus of pr Kirova. It was built in 1851 to house one of Pyatigorsk’s best-known…