RUSSIA, SAINT PETERSBURG - January, 2016: the Museum of Soviet arcade games. Slot machine from Soviet times
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Museum of Soviet Arcade Machines


Growing up in 1980s USSR was a peculiar, but not necessarily entirely bleak experience. Here is an example – a collection containing dozens of mostly functional Soviet arcade machines. At the entrance, visitors get a paper bag full of 15-kopek Soviet coins, which fire up these recreational dinosaurs that would look at home in the oldest episodes of Star Trek.

Most of the games test your shooting or driving skills. Times and attitudes were different, so don't be surprised by having to target fluffy squirrels and rabbits in Winter Hunt. You can also measure your force by pulling out a rather defiant turnip, or try to beat your friend in table ice hockey. If the effort makes you sweat, get some fruit-flavoured fizzy water from an authentic machine – it's only 3 kopeks! The admission ticket includes a tour, during which you get to play 15 machines.

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