Tretyakovsky Proezd


The gated walkway of Tretyakovsky proezd (originally built in the 1870s) leads from Teatralny proezd into Kitay Gorod. Nearby, you can see where archaeologists uncovered the 16th-century fortified wall that used to surround Kitay Gorod, as well as the foundations of the 1493 Trinity Church. There is also a statue of Ivan Fyodorov, the 16th-century printer responsible for Russia's first book.

Back in the day, the archway was financed by the Tretyakov brothers (founders of the namesake art gallery). Apparently the construction of the medieval-style gate and the opening of the passageway were an attempt to relieve traffic on Nikolskaya ul. It was reopened in 2000 and is now lined with exclusive shops.

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