Orthodox Cathedral

Târgu Mureş

The dominating Orthodox Cathedral (1925–34) was designed to impress, with Byzantine-style paintings and gold-haloed icons of saints – plus a politically charged mural of a ‘Romanian peasant’ Jesus being whipped by nobles in Hungarian costumes.

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1. Roman Catholic Church

0.04 MILES

Built by Jesuit monks between 1728 and 1764, this baroque-style church was given a neo-Renaissance makeover in the 1930s. It's across the street from the…

2. Teleki House

0.08 MILES

Off Piaţa Trandafirilor, towards Piaţa Bernády György, stands the yellow-painted, baroque Teleki House (completed in 1809). In 1848 it housed the army of…

3. Ethnographic Museum

0.11 MILES

Ethnographic exhibitions can be humdrum, so Târgu Mureş’ hay-strewn and vividly soundtracked museum is a welcome surprise. A voiceover (in Romanian),…

4. Fortress Church

0.14 MILES

Enclosed by the walls of the citadel, this oft-closed late-Gothic church is the oldest one in Târgu Mureş. Construction began in the mid-14th century,…

5. Citadel

0.18 MILES

Visitors can wander freely within the walls of Târgu Mureş' citadel, whose foundations date to 1492. It houses the Fortress Church and City Museum, and…

6. City Museum

0.18 MILES

This small museum within the citadel has art and ornate period furniture downstairs, and contemporary ceramics and other cultural artefacts upstairs.

7. Orthodox Synagogue

0.25 MILES

A block west of the Ethnographic Museum is an ornate and well-preserved synagogue from 1899–1900. Before WWII more than 6000 Jews lived in Târgu Mureş; in…

8. Teleki-Bolyai Library

0.27 MILES

Opened in 1802, this is one of the oldest libraries in Transylvania, named for its founder Count Sámuel Teleki de Szék. Technically still used as a public…