Breite Ancient Oak Tree Reserve


Escape the crowds and visit the enchanting Breite Ancient Oak Tree Reserve, 2km west of town. Its 133 hectares boast 800-year-old oaks, with circumferences of 400cm to 600cm.

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Nearby Sighişoara attractions

1. Cemetery

0.66 MILES

Flowing behind the Church on the Hill, this lofty cemetery with views over Sighişoara is a suitably spine-chilling spot to ramble after visiting the…

2. Church on the Hill

0.69 MILES

Don't miss hiking up the covered stairway to 'School Hill' (418m) to admire this evocative late-Gothic, triple-naved church. Originally a 13th-century…

3. Tailors' Tower

0.72 MILES

This tower was built to guard over the back entrance to the citadel. As with many of the buildings here, the tower was engulfed in a massive fire in 1676…

4. Scholars' Stairway

0.73 MILES

From Piaţa Cetăţii, turn south up Str Şcolii to reach the 176-step covered stairway, which has tunnelled its way up the hill since 1642. With light…

5. Citadel

0.76 MILES

Sighişoara's delightful medieval buildings are enclosed within its citadel, a Unesco-listed complex of protective walls and watchtowers. Walking in the…

6. Bootmakers' Tower

0.76 MILES

Dating from the 16th century, the Bootmakers' Tower was a key point of defence from the northern end.

7. Tinsmiths' Tower

0.77 MILES

The top-heavy Tinsmiths' Tower is one of the most easily recognisable, both for its height (25m) and its octagonal upper level. A siege in 1704 left scars…

8. Piaţa Cetăţii

0.78 MILES

Gem-sized Piaţa Cetăţii is the heart of old Sighişoara. It was here that markets, craft fairs, public executions, impalings and witch trials were held.