Danube Delta

This atmospheric lighthouse is the town symbol. It was built by the occupying Ottoman Empire in the early 1800s and served as the base of the European Commission of the Danube from the late 19th century to the start of WWII. There's a small museum here dedicated to the life of Sulina-based author Eugeniu Botez (aka 'Jean Bart'). You can also climb to the top.

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1. St Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church

0.37 MILES

Sulina's prettiest church is this crumbling Greek Orthodox beauty from 1867. The size and grandeur of the building attests to the Greek community's wealth…

2. Sulina Cemetery

0.51 MILES

The town cemetery, 2km east of the centre along the road to the beach, reflects the diversity of Sulina's early inhabitants. You'll find Romanian and…

3. Artist Aleksandr Sharonov's Exhibition

17.14 MILES

A local lore museum in all but name, this impressive collection assembled by a local artist occupies a large building of the Soviet-era House of Culture…

4. Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve

19.13 MILES

The lion's share of the marshy, bird-laden Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve, Europe's largest wetlands, lies in Romania. Few tourists enter from the…