Parcul Municipal


With long boulevards for cycling and walking, as well as a lily pond with giant goldfish, this park is a good spot to stretch your legs, especially if you have kids. Strolling through its greenery you’ll see a statue of George Coșbuc, a poet and native of Bistrița-Năsăud county, and the buttercream-coloured Centrul Cultural building.

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1. Turnul Dogarilor

0.11 MILES

One of the original 18 towers linked by Bistriţa's 13th-century city walls (not possible to enter).

2. Evangelical Church

0.23 MILES

Bistriţa’s number one landmark is the Evangelical Church, whose 76m Gothic tower dominates its main square. Construction began in the 14th century, and…

3. Şugălete

0.26 MILES

Facing the church on the north side of Piaţa Centrală is Şugălete, a row of 13 terraced buildings constructed between 1480 and 1550. This two-floor…

4. Silversmith's House

0.27 MILES

Formerly the home of Bistriţa’s most renowned jeweller, this restored Gothic and Renaissance building is worth a peep for its rotating exhibitions of art…

5. Orthodox Church

0.37 MILES

Down pedestrianised B-dul Rebreanu, which is lined with cafes and restaurants, is the oldest building in Bistriţa, an Orthodox church (1270–80). There are…

6. County Museum

0.48 MILES

Did you know that Bistriţa is the only place in Transylvania where men’s traditional headwear involves a crown of peacock feathers? Inside a former…

7. Lake Colibiţa

19.04 MILES

Protected by towering crags and dense forests, this glittering lake is popular with vacationing Romanian families. Though guesthouses continue to pop up…

8. Hotel Castel Dracula

24.78 MILES

One of the high points of any vampire-themed trip to Transylvania is kitsch Hotel Castel Dracula. Its blood-curdling decorations, and location on a…