Bosque Estatal de Susúa

Ponce & South Coast

This mysterious, mist-shrouded forest strewn across hills north of Yauco is just 3300 acres and practically deserted year-round. Ambitious hikers and mountain bikers will love its challenging, out-of-the-way trail network. The DRNA booth, picnic tables, toilet, campsites (US$6 per tent) and few cabins (US$40) are the sole facilities at Km 2.1 on Rte 368.

The campsites and cabins are maintained by the DRNA in San Juan and you should contact them at least 15 days in advance if you want to stay over here. It's advisable to call ahead anyway to find out what trails are open.

As even the main facilities in the forest have no staff, opening hours are for practical purposes from dawn until dusk.

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