Playa Ocean Park

Top choice in San Juan

Protected by offshore reefs and caressed by cooling seasonal trade winds, this wide sweep of diamond-dust sand is a favorite of locals. But this residential ’hood's namesake beach is open to all – just pick a road through the low-rise gated community and follow it to the water.

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1. Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico

0.62 MILES

San Juan boasts one of the largest and most celebrated art museums in the Caribbean. Housed in a splendid neoclassical building that was once the city’s…

2. La Placita de Santurce

0.78 MILES

Built in 1910, the Mercado de Santurce has been the center of activity for over a century, vendors doing a roaring trade in fruits and vegetables from…

3. Playa Condado

0.93 MILES

Hemmed in by hotel towers and punctuated by rocky outcrops, Condado’s narrow beaches are busier than Ocean Park’s and less exclusive than Isla Verde’s…

5. La Ventana al Mar

1.05 MILES

This small grassy park – the window to the sea – has contemporary sculptures, benches and shade trees. Best of all, it has great views of and easy access…

6. Parque Jaime Benítez

1.08 MILES

Sitting alongside the calm waters of Laguna del Condado, this park is a popular launching spot for kayakers and paddleboarders. On the first Saturday of…

7. MADMi

1.43 MILES

This new addition to the city's thriving art scene is set in a restored Miramar landmark, a striking pink building dating to 1913. Engaging, interactive…

8. Instituto de Subcultura

1.45 MILES

This modern gallery in a bohemian corner of Santurce often has thought-provoking work from emerging artists and musicians. Expect contemporary, conceptual…