Playa Caracas

Top choice in Vieques

Calm and clear, this beach is reached on a paved road and has gazebos with picnic tables to shade bathers from the sun; there's excellent snorkeling – lots of healthy sea fans and underwater life – off the eastern side of the beach. Walking west, Playuela is a lesser-known cove with less shade, meaning you'll find few people here and you can enjoy the view back to lovely Playa Caracas.

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1. Pata Prieta

0.81 MILES

This gorgeous cove has a slender stretch of sand and protected waters that are excellent for snorkeling. A steep gravel path leads to the beach.

2. Playa La Chiva

1.67 MILES

A favorite with locals, this gorgeous playa at the eastern end of the main road is long and open with occasionally rough surf. It's easy to find your own…

3. Vieques National Wildlife Refuge

1.83 MILES

Lying within these protected confines are the best reasons to visit Vieques. This 18,000-acre refuge occupies the land formerly used by the US military…

4. Bahía Mosquito

2.19 MILES

Locals claim that the magnificent Bahía Mosquito (Mosquito Bay), a designated wildlife preserve located on the island of Vieques, about 2 miles east of…

5. Playa Escondida

2.37 MILES

This deliciously deserted stretch of sand has absolutely no facilities – just jaw-dropping beauty. It faces Bahía Ensenada Honda, which is good for…

6. Playa La Plata

2.54 MILES

This secluded beach is as far east as you can go at present, spread across a mushroom-shaped bay with icing-sugar sand and a calm sea that shimmers with a…

7. Playas Media Luna & Navio

2.77 MILES

If it's isolation you’re after, head east on the sandy road that runs along Sun Bay and you’ll enter a low forest. Go left at the fork in the road. In a…