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Long feted for its diamond-dust beaches and world-class diving reefs, sleepy Culebra is probably more famous for what it hasn’t got than for what it actually possesses. There are no big hotels here, no golf courses, no casinos, no fast-food chains, no rush-hour traffic and, best of all, no stress. Situated 27km off mainland Puerto Rico, but inhabiting an entirely different planet culturally speaking, the island’s slow pace can sometimes take a bit of getting used to. It’s home to rat-race dropouts, earnest idealists, solitude seekers, myriad eccentrics and anyone else who’s forsaken the hassles and manic intricacies of modern life. It's also home to a range of gorgeous natural areas, bays, snorkeling sites, hiking trails and all manner of fine beaches. Come, join the local vibe and explore one of Puerto Rico's most gorgeous destinations.

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