Bosque Estatal de Guilarte

Central Mountains

This forest, 10km southwest of Adjuntas, consists of a number of land parcels totaling about 5000 acres. Most is rainforest dominated by sierra palms. Coming from the northeast you first see Lago Garzas, a fishing site. West of this lake, the road rises toward the park’s ranger station, near the intersection of Rtes 518 and 131. At the ranger station, there's a picnic area with shelters, cooking grills, toilets, cabins and a trail to the top of Monte Guilarte (3950ft).

The five cabins are maintained by the Departamento de Recursos Naturales y Ambientales (DRNA). They sleep up to six, with toilets and shower facilities. Cooking facilities are outdoors and there’s no electricity. You must bring all your own gear, including bedding. Make your reservations 15 days in advance with the DRNA in San Juan. Camping is not permitted in Guilarte.

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