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Getting Around

Tickets & Passes

  • For maximum convenience, Porto’s transport system offers the rechargeable Andante Card (www.linhandante.com), allowing smooth movement between tram, metro, funicular and many bus lines.
  • The card itself costs only €0.60 and can be recharged for one year. Once you’ve purchased the card, charge it with travel credit according to which zones you will be travelling in.
  • Purchase credit at metro ticket machines and staffed TIP booths at central hubs such as Casa da Música and Trindade, as well as the STCP office, the funicular, the electric tram museum and a scattering of other authorised sales points.
  • Your time begins from when you first enter the vehicle or platform: just wave the card in front of a validation machine marked ‘Andante’.
  • Each trip allows you to move between methods of transport without additional cost.

The Basics

Public transport is inexpensive, clean and efficient in Porto. If you're making multiple journeys, save time and cash by investing in a 24-hour pass (€7), which covers the entire network except for trams. For timetables, routes and fares, see www.stcp.pt and www.metrodoporto.pt. Keep an eye out for pickpockets in rush-hour crowds.


The restored Funicular dos Guindais shuttles up and down a steep incline with tremendous river and bluff views from Av Gustavo Eiffel, opposite Ponte de Dom Luís I, to Rua Augusto Rosa, near Batalha and the cathedral. The funicular is part of the Andante Card scheme (www.linhandante.com).