Centro da Calçadinha

The Algarve

This interpretive centre has a small exhibition on Moorish and Roman history in the area, and information on the Calçadinha de São Brás de Alportel, an ancient footpath used since Roman times. It can also provide free guided tours (in English) of the path if you contact the centre in advance.

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1. Jardim de Verbena

0.05 MILES

Below what was once a bishop's palace, this pretty garden has an 18th-century covered water fountain with eight spouts, and is a shady place for a picnic.

2. Calçadinha de São Brás de Alportel

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Constructed during Roman times, this ancient road is thought to have linked Faro (Ossonoba) with Beja (Pax Julia). It was used by mules and shepherds…

3. Igreja Matriz

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On these fascinating behind-the-scenes cork factory tours, you'll learn about the tree's life cycle, harvesting and the manufacturing process, from drying…

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On the village square, this small museum has a model of a waterwheel as well as information panels (in Portuguese) on water use. There's also a tourist…

8. Monterosa Olive Oil

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Hour-long tours at this gold medal–winning olive oil producer take you around part of the 20-hectare estate showing you the five different varieties of…