Miradouro Santo André


The whitewashed chapel of Santo André das Arribas stands sentinel over the Rio Águeda gorge at this southernmost of the park viewpoints.

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1. Miradouro Sapinha


This roadside pullout on the N221 highway 3km north of Escalhão is one of the park's most accessible viewpoints, with sweeping views of vineyard- and…

2. Miradouro Penedo Durão

11.29 MILES

Westernmost of the Rio Douro viewpoints, Penedo Durão commands views down towards the Presa de Saucelle dam. It's about 56km south of Mogadouro and 51km…

3. Museu Histórico Militar de Almeida

11.44 MILES

Dedicated to Almeida's military history, this interesting little museum occupies the casamatas, a series of underground rooms originally used for storage…

4. Sala de Armas

11.63 MILES

This small display of swords and muskets in the exterior entrance of the Portas de São Francisco is an annexe of the town's military museum, the Museu…


11.63 MILES

This annex of the Museu Histórico Militar illustrates the construction of the fortress. However, you'll need to understand Portuguese to decipher the…

6. Siega Verde

15.8 MILES

This Unesco World Heritage–listed archaeological site has 645 prehistoric rock carvings of animals and ancient symbols – it's one of the richest such…

7. Parque Arqueológico do Vale do Côa

19.77 MILES

Most visitors to Vila Nova de Foz Côa come for one reason: to see its world-famous gallery of rock art. Although the park is currently an active research…

8. Miradouro Carrascalinho

20.35 MILES

Drive half an hour south of Mogadouro through the village of Fornos to find this remote viewpoint overlooking the Douro gorge.