Largo Luís de Camões


This is the administrative heart of the old town, a picturesque square lined with orange trees, with the câmara municipal (town hall) at its western end. To reach the largo (small square), enter the old town and keep to the left at the fork in the road.

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Nearby Mértola attractions

1. Casa Romana

0.01 MILES

The enchanting Casa Romana is located in the cellar of the câmara municipal (town hall). The clever display allows visitors to walk ‘through’ the…

2. Torre do Relógio

0.01 MILES

This little clock tower, topped with a stork’s nest and overlooking the Rio Guadiana, is northeast of Largo Luís de Camões. Alongside it is a municipal…

3. Museu de Arte Sacra

0.03 MILES

Housed in the former Misericórdia church, the Museu de Arte Sacra exhibits religious statuettes from the 16th to 18th centuries and several impressive…

4. Castelo

0.08 MILES

Above the parish church looms Mértola’s fortified castle, most of which dates from the 13th century. It was built upon Moorish foundations next to an…

5. Igreja Matriz

0.08 MILES

Mértola’s striking parish church – square, flat-faced and topped with whimsical little conical decorations – is known because in a former incarnation it…

6. Torre de Menagem

0.09 MILES

Inside the castle walls, this prominent tower has exhibitions related to the history of Mértola, with several worthwhile (if dramatically scored) videos…

7. Casa Islâmica


Next to the alcáçova (citadel), this interpretation centre is an accurately sized replica of an Islamic residence dating from the 12th century. Key…

8. Torre do Rio


At the river’s edge, near its confluence with the Ribeira de Oeiras, is the ruined, Roman-era Torre do Rio, which once guarded the vital port.