The Monsanto Viewpoint in Lisbon.

©  Iuri S Design/Shutterstock

Miradouro Panorâmico de Monsanto


Lisbon’s beloved secret viewpoint is a graffiti- and art-plastered building that was once an exclusive high-society restaurant in the late 1960s. A series of bad investment decisions led to its abandonment from 2001 – although, considering the graffiti covering the walls top to bottom, it wasn’t left unvisited. It's now reopened and wandering its winding halls and staircases feels like exploring a ghost town.

While the surviving tile panels by Manuela Madureira on the ground floor are worth the visit, it’s the astonishing panoramic view from the 3rd floor that people come for. Lisbon – especially Aqueduto das Águas Livres – looks astonishing.

To get here, take bus 711 from Rossio and walk the final 650m. Be careful with photography here – it's forbidden to photograph the next-door military installation and security will get on your case if your camera points in that direction.

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