Campo Pequeno Bullring


This red-brick, neo-Moorish building built in 1892 hosts big concerts and other events, including bullfighting, and houses a museum. Below the stadium is a shopping centre, cinema and food court. It's a popular destination all year long.

In the Portuguese version of bullfighting the animal is not killed publicly, though throughout the event theatrically dressed horsemen plant spears in the bull’s neck. During the final phase, or pega, eight forcados dressed in breeches and short jackets face the weakened bull barehanded. The leader swaggers towards the bull, provoking it to charge. He throws himself onto the animal’s head and grabs the horns while the others rush in to grab the beast, often being tossed in all directions – their success wraps up the contest. Though Portuguese bullfighting rules prohibit their public death, the animals are killed after the show by a professional butcher.

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