Museu do Aljube

Alfama, Castelo & Graça

Both poignant and haunting, this new and highly important museum has turned the former Portuguese dictatorship's political prison of choice into a museum of truth and consequence, memorial and remembrance – it's a must-see. Disturbing tales of authoritarian dictatorship are found over three floors (beginning with the Ditadura Militar in 1926, and evolving into the Estado Novo, or New State, from 1933 to 1974), including those of government torture, eavesdropping, oppression, coercion, informing and censorship.

The exhibitions are divided into topics such as Political Courts, Prison Circuit and Resistance, finally leading to the Carnation Revolution that eventually released the country into the arms of democracy after 41 downright scary years. Don't miss the panoramic views from the 4th-floor cafe – you'll need a breath of fresh air.

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