Miradouro do Pináculo


Featuring in many a holiday brochure, the view from this miradouro (lookout) east of Funchal is unique as it looks slightly back at the city from the cliffs of São Gonçalo. Take bus 38 to Estalgem Montanha.

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1. Jardins do Palheiro

0.98 MILES

Some 500m up in the hills east of Funchal, these much-loved subtropical gardens are a beautiful mix of formal and 'wild' areas with thousands of unusual…

2. Praia de Garajau


At the foot of the cliff atop which stands the Cristo Rei statue, this stony beach was once used for dismembering and boiling up whales caught by boats…

3. Cristo Rei

1.26 MILES

The upmarket village of Garajau hangs for dear life on the side of a cliff, 6km as the crow flies from central Funchal. On an often blustery promontory…

4. Quinta da Boa Vista

1.57 MILES

Founded by a former Honorary British Consul Cecil Garton, this garden is the best place to experience Madeira's exquisite orchids. The orchid houses are a…

5. Igreja do Socorro

1.57 MILES

This impressive clifftop church at the eastern end of the Zona Velha is a 1750 rebuild – the original was destroyed in the earthquake of 1748. Slightly…

6. Fortaleza de Santiago

1.63 MILES

The ochre and dark-pink fortress that caps the Zona Velha seafront was built in the first half of the 17th century, when Funchal was vulnerable to pirate…

7. Jardins Botânicos da Madeira

1.81 MILES

One of the island's top tourist attractions, Madeira's famous botanical gardens are a must for most visitors. Extending over 80,000 sq metres, the gardens…

8. Zona Velha

1.83 MILES

Once a run-down area between the Mercado dos Lavradores and the Fortaleza de Santiago, in recent years the 'Old Zone' of merchant's houses and 19th…