Aqueduto da Água de Prata


Jutting into the town from the northwest is the beguilingly named Aqueduto da Água de Prata, designed by Francisco de Arruda (better known for Lisbon’s Tower of Belém) to bring clean water to Évora. It was completed in the 1530s. At the end of the aqueduct, on Rua do Cano, the neighbourhood feels like a self-contained village, with houses, shops and cafes built right into its perfect arches, as if nestling against the base of a hill.

It’s possible to walk for around 8.5km alongside the aqueduct, starting outside town, on the road to Arraiolos. There are three access points; the tourist office provides maps. Unfortunately, it heads in one direction only, so transport back can be a problem if you don’t have your own wheels. Take plenty of liquids – ironically, there’s no potable water along the way.

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