National Museum's Department of Art


The National Museum’s Art Gallery resides in an 18th-century palace that formerly served as the Pomeranian parliament. It displays a collection of religious art, particularly woodcarving from the 14th to 16th centuries, and you can also take a peek at the Pomeranian crown jewels.

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Nearby Szczecin attractions

1. Cathedral Basilica of St James


Head downhill from the city centre to explore Szczecin’s 12th-century cathedral, partially destroyed by Red Army shells in 1945 and reconstructed in 1972…

2. Castle of the Pomeranian Dukes

0.23 MILES

This castle is the mother of all Szczecin monuments. This vast, blocky building looms over the Old Town, but the square central courtyard and simple…

3. Historical Museum of Szczecin


Szczecin's 15th-century Gothic Town Hall, one of the most architecturally fascinating buildings in the city with its monster red-brick gable, is the only…

4. Town Hall


Szczecin's huge former town hall is a red-brick colossus dating from the late 19th century. It now houses various obscure maritime institutions.

5. Museum of Technology & Transport

1.52 MILES

This surprisingly good museum 2.5km north of the centre has a fascinating collection of vehicles, mostly of Polish origin – interesting as today Poland…