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If you believe the legends, Kraków was founded on the defeat of a dragon, and it’s true a mythical atmosphere permeates its attractive streets and squares... Read More

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Communism Tour in a Genuine Trabant Automobile from Krakow

The Wall may be over and done with, but many of Krakow's most famous communist artifacts are alive and well! Visit Nowa Huta, the district that still bears testament to the power of the Soviets. Most notably, your guide will lead you on a in-depth tour of the place that was originally given as a gift to Krakow by Stalin himself! These labyrinths of the tenements were done in imitation of the renaissance and meant to be a model communist city. It later became one of the centers of the revolution and resistance within Poland, leading to the eventual overthrow of the Communist government.This guided tour is complete with transportation in genuine Trabant automobiles - cars manufactured by the Eastern Bloc specialists. During your 2.5 hour tour, your young and energetic guide will lead you through this one-of-a-kind city and up to the gates of the steel mill that was originally in the heart of this district.Upgrade to the Communism DELUXE Tour in Krakow (4 hours):The Communism DELUXE Tour upgrade is a must-do for any visitor to Krakow! This tour was recently made famous by travel documentary maker Michael Palin after his feature in 'Palins New Europe' series in 2007. Also recommended by the BBC, Reuters, New York Times, Lonely Planet guidebooks and many others. An extended version of the standard Communism Tour in a Trabant automobile, the Communism Deluxe tour includes a trip to a Communist-era restaurant and guided visit to our private museum. Explore everyday life in Poland in the 1970's in our exclusive and unchanged Communist apartment. This deluxe tour includes the rare opportunity to eat pickled cucumbers and toast times past with Communist relic, Mr. Vieslav (upon request). You can also try your hand at driving the trusty Trabant. Enjoy lunch in an authentic Commie milk bar canteen.

$2299 History & culture

The Best of Eastern Europe

From fairytale Czech towns to Budapest, the "Pearl of the Danube," experience the unique culture, food, and history of Eastern Europe. This two-week trip through five Eastern European countries offers an intriguing combination of urban centres, village life, and outdoor pursuits. Visit castles, churches, and romantic town squares, indulging in Berlin’s café culture and Prague’s beer.

$107.34 Sightseeing tours

Dunajec River Gorge and Niedzica Castle from Krakow

Undoubtedly Dunajec River Gorge is one of the Poland's prime tourist attractions and this great day trip from Krakow gives you the chance to admire some amazing scenery as you float down the river, as well as a visit to Niedzica Castle in the Dunajec Valley.Begin your excursion with a visit to Niedzica Castle (also known as Dunajec Castle), originally built in the 14th century by the Hungarians to protect an important trade route through the Dunajec Valley. The castle towers over a large water reservoir with an impressive dam built in mid 1990s. While visiting the castle you can admire the delightful view over the artificial lake and learn the amazing story of Inca refugees who found shelter here.After your visit of the castle, continue to Sromowce Nizne to board your wooden raft to drift at a leisurely pace along the Dunajec River. The river runs from northern Slovakia to southern Poland and is at its most picturesque passing through Dunajec River Gorge. Your adventure down the winding Dunajec River offers breathtaking views of mighty limestone cliffs plunging into the water and stunning native flora, you may even spot some rare bird species such as the Black Stork. Your highly experienced guide ensures you have a smooth ride, pointing out the sights along the way and teaching you the history of the gorge. Your 2 to 3 hour voyage ends 15 kilometers later in Szczawnica. It is advisable to bring suitable rainwear or a sun hat depending on the weather.

$264.05 Small group tours

3-Day Krakow City Explorer Tour

Dive into Krakow, considered the student capital of Europe due to the 200,000 students who "study" here! In three short days, the provided local guide will reveal the best Krakow has to offer! While on tour, enjoy day trips to Schindlers factory, Auschwitz, and Birkenau concentration camps. Culturally immerse yourself in activities such as a vodka tasting, a golf-cart tour through the Jewish quarter, and a group dinner in a cellar microbrewery. Small group sizes and top-rated, central youth-hostel accommodation in the Old Town ensure an unforgettable experience.

$241.09 Small group tours

2-Day Krakow Combo: In the Footsteps of John Paul II, Pieskowa Skala Castle and Czestochowa Private Tour Including the Black Madonna

St John Paul II, the pope formerly known as Karol Wojtyla, is a star in Poland, and whether you’re Catholic or not, visiting places important in his life provides an intriguing introduction to Polish culture and history. This 2-day tour uses Krakow as a base to explore Wadowice, the childhood home of the man who would become a pope and a saint, and Czestochowa, home of the revered ‘Black Madonna’ painting at the Jasna Gora monastery.

$183.68 Small group tours

2 Nights in Krakow with Guided Half-Day Tour of Auschwitz-Birkenau or Wieliczka Salt Mine

Enjoy two nights in the enchanting Polish city of Krakow with 3- and 4-star hotel accommodation, airport transfers and two great sightseeing tours included! This Krakow experience provides ample time to explore this beautiful city independently, plus a 24-hour ticket to a hop-on, hop-off sightseeing tour, and your choice of a half-day trip to World War II’s Auschwitz-Birkenau complex or the jaw-dropping Wieliczka Salt Mine. This experience offers you plenty of ways to see Poland's magical second city, often dubbed the "Florence of the North.”