Town Hall

Gdańsk & Pomerania

The Town Hall, just east of the cathedral, is a neo-Gothic structure designed by Karl Friedrich Schinkel and erected by Ernst Friedrich Zwirner (who also built Cologne Cathedral) in the early 1830s after the previous 14th-century building was razed to the ground by Napoleon’s troops in 1807. The area in the front of the main entrance is populated by beer gardens in summer, providing pleasant places to sit and admire the architecture. One wing houses a modern-art gallery.

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1. Cathedral

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The 14th-century cathedral is the most important historic sight in town. Though badly damaged in 1945, it has been rebuilt close to its original form. For…

2. Lontowa Tower


Sometimes erroneously known as the 'powder tower', this tower is a 15th-century survivor from the original city walls. It's currently for sale if you're…

3. History Museum

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Housed in an Empire-style merchant’s house called the Braunschweig Palace, the sister institution to the Polish Arms Museum has a neatly presented…

4. Polish Arms Museum

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5. Amber Museum

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Kołobrzeg's Amber Museum displays several kilos of prehistoric tree sap in a gleaming white, 21st-century space. It's not a patch on the Malbork or Gdańsk…

6. Lighthouse

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To the west of the beach stands the lighthouse, which you can climb for panoramic views. There's a small mineral museum in the base.