Gdańsk & Pomerania

Just off the beach in the centre of town is the Fokarium, where Baltic grey seals can be seen in captivity. The three large pools are home to half a dozen of the creatures, and feeding takes place at 11am and 2pm when keepers put these incredibly obedient animals through their paces for fishy rewards. You’ll need a 5zł piece to unlock the main turnstile – the small museum inside is free.

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1. Memorial to the Defenders of Hel

0.09 MILES

A park near the train station has a memorial to the 1939 defence of the town during the German invasion. Hel was the last place in Poland to surrender; a…

2. Museum of Fishery

0.17 MILES

Hel’s Gothic church dates from the 1420s, making it the oldest building in town. Pews and monstrances have given way to recently revamped exhibits on…

3. Izba Kaszubska

0.25 MILES

An old 19th-century fisher's cottage on the main street houses a small exhibition of Kashubian handicrafts and a souvenir stall. The staff also give out…

4. Lighthouse

0.72 MILES

Through a patch of scrappy woodland at the end of ul Wiejska is the 42m-high octagonal brick lighthouse. It's now a radar station but houses temporary…

5. Pier

14.34 MILES

At the end of Monte Cassino, beyond Plac Zdrojowy, is the famous Molo, Europe’s longest wooden pier, built in 1928 and jutting 515m out into the Bay of…

6. Grand Hotel

14.46 MILES

North of the pier is the landmark 1927 Grand Hotel, adjoining the long waterfront spa park that first popularised the town.

7. Art Gallery

14.5 MILES

Funded by the town of Sopot, this glitzy but little-visited art gallery within the Dom Zdrojowy (Spa House) has changing exhibitions of mostly Polish art …

8. Dom Zdrojowy

14.52 MILES

Take the glazed lift to the 3rd floor of this spa house to enjoy a free sip of Sopot’s natural, mineral-rich spring water that comes from a tap in the…