Museum of Forestry

Museum in Gołuchów

To the south of Gołuchów's castle, this museum is housed in a former distillery which was considerably extended in 1874. It contains displays on the history of Polish forestry and the timber industry, along with a collection of contemporary art.

Entry includes the museum's annexe, east of the castle, displaying ecological exhibits in an old coach house. The collection includes księgi drzewne, boxes shaped like books, which were used to collect seeds and other plant matter.

Another outpost you can visit as part of the same entry fee is a former farm which is now home to an exhibition of forestry techniques, 750m beyond the castle in the far north of the park. It contains tools and machinery used in forestry.

Several bison live relatively freely in a large, fenced-off bison enclosure, west of the park, 500m beyond the forestry techniques exhibition (follow the Żubry signs).