Saud Beach

North Luzon

This is a dazzling long arc of white sand that shimmers into a perfect swimming pool of blue sea. There's a big selection of accommodation here, but it's still a pretty mellow place (outside of holiday weekends). Coconut palms fringe the beach and waves peel off the reef when there's swell.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby North Luzon attractions

1. Kabigan Falls

4.93 MILES

Kabigan Falls is 120m of crashing white water and a cool, clear pool for swimming. It's accessible via group tours run by all hotels or via private…

2. Blue Lagoon

5.55 MILES

Paradisical Blue Lagoon holds Luzon’s whitest sand and bluest waters but the large-scale development here has eaten up a big part of the beach and it's…

3. Bantay-abot

5.83 MILES

At the entrance to Blue Lagoon is Bantay-abot (‘Mountain with a Hole’), which is exactly as the name suggests: it's a rock with a photogenic arch-shaped…

4. Stingray Memorial

6.08 MILES

In secluded Caunayan Bay, this memorial commemorates the mission of American submarine USS Stingray, which delivered weapons to Ilocano guerrillas, thus…

5. Dos Hermanos

6.16 MILES

At the far end of Blue Lagoon, Dos Hermanos is a pair of easily accessible offshore islands with great snorkelling. Local legend claims the islands are…

6. Museo Ilocos Norte

29.67 MILES

Housed in the historic Tabacalera warehouse, the snazzy Museo Ilocos Norte is one of the better ethnographic museums in the Philippines. It houses a large…

7. Sinking Bell Tower

29.77 MILES

Laoag's main architectural attraction is the Sinking Bell Tower, with what is presently a hobbit-sized doorway. Built by Augustine friars to accommodate…