Tulang Island

Eastern Visayas

Tulang Island, off the northern coast of Pacijan, has a stunning sandy beach where you can play Robinson Crusoe for an hour or so. Boaters in Tulang Daku will shuttle you across for P500 return.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Eastern Visayas attractions

1. Timubo Cave

2.05 MILES

Near Esperanza on Pacijan's northwest tip is touristy Timubo Cave, where a set of (slippery) stairs leads down to a refreshing cave pool.

2. Borromeo Beach

2.69 MILES

Off the main road south of Esperanza is stunning Borromeo Beach, a blinding expanse of white powder.

3. Bukilat Cave

13.9 MILES

In the far east of the island, just north of MacArthur, is the remote, well-hidden Bukilat Cave. One inky-black corner is apparently the start of a long…

4. Superdome

27.72 MILES

This vast concrete structure dominates the promenade. It's a key venue for big basketball games and conferences.