Borromeo Beach

Eastern Visayas

Off the main road south of Esperanza is stunning Borromeo Beach, a blinding expanse of white powder.

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Nearby Eastern Visayas attractions

1. Timubo Cave

1.94 MILES

Near Esperanza on Pacijan's northwest tip is touristy Timubo Cave, where a set of (slippery) stairs leads down to a refreshing cave pool.

2. Tulang Island

2.69 MILES

Tulang Island, off the northern coast of Pacijan, has a stunning sandy beach where you can play Robinson Crusoe for an hour or so. Boaters in Tulang Daku…

3. Bukilat Cave

13.72 MILES

In the far east of the island, just north of MacArthur, is the remote, well-hidden Bukilat Cave. One inky-black corner is apparently the start of a long…

4. Superdome

29.93 MILES

This vast concrete structure dominates the promenade. It's a key venue for big basketball games and conferences.