Seven Islands


This remote cluster of islands lies east of Capul. Previously virgin territory, a new beach resort has started to put them on the map. Sila Island is famous for its three pink-sand beaches.

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1. Capul

8.77 MILES

The forested island of Capul, west of Dalupiri, has a delightfully easygoing pace of life. It was a galleon staging post during Spanish days – the name…

2. Bulusan Volcano National Park

25.62 MILES

About 16km southwest of Barcelona is Bulusan Volcano National Park. Just inside the park, Bulusan Lake is a popular picnic spot, and there’s a 1.8km…

3. Bituon Beach

26.67 MILES

Fourteen kilometres south of Masbate Town is the attractive crescent Bituon Beach, hugely popular with local families on weekends. The dive resort here…

4. Buntod Sandbar

27.37 MILES

The Buntod sandbar, protruding from the sea about 7km east of town, is part of the Bugsayon marine sanctuary and accessible only by boat. You can hire a…