Philippine Eagle Center

Top choice aviary in Southern Mindanao

Image by Felix Hug Getty Images

To view one of the largest eagles in the world (in terms of wing span), head to the Philippine Eagle Center, which is dedicated to conserving these endangered birds. Around 35 Philippine eagles (also known as monkey-eating eagles) are here, 20 of which were bred through artificial insemination. The camp is set in a pocket of native forest near Malagos, 36km north of Davao.

There are enough wild birds flitting around to keep even the least avid birdwatcher happy, and other species of eagles and animals also call the centre home. You can watch an informative video about eagles in the wild – there are about 500 in the Philippines – and the threats they are facing through deforestation and hunting. The average eagle lifespan in the wild is 20 years, but it’s much longer at the centre.