Laguna Azul

Lake in Tarapoto

You’ll find good swimming, boating and fishing at this popular local spot, also called Laguna de Sauce. Day tours (S85 per person, minimum two people) and overnight excursions are available, as are accommodations, from camping to upscale bungalows. There are also a couple of waterfalls nearby and some fairly undeveloped thermal springs, just after the river crossing. Reach the lake by crossing the Río Huallaga, 45km away, on a vehicle raft ferry and continuing by car for another 45 minutes.

Several combis (minibuses; S15, two hours) go each day to nearby Sauce from a bus stop on Marginal Sur cuadra (block) 7 in the Banda de Shilcayo district, east of the town. Taxi drivers know it.