Cataratas de Ahuashiyacu


This 40m waterfall has a small restaurant nearby and a locally favored swimming spot. Four-hour tours cost around S35 per person. It's possible to reach the entrance, a short walk from the falls, on public combis (minibuses) heading toward Yurimaguas. Heading back to town can be a problem, though, as most vans return full and you may have to wait for a ride. The falls are about 45 minutes from Tarapoto toward Yurimaguas.

Also popular are the Cataratas de Huacamaillo, which involve two hours of hiking and wading across the river several times – as a result, they're far less crowded. Tours cost around S85 per person.

To reach the falls on your own, take a colectivo (shared transportation) from Jirón Comandante Chirinos to the Puente de San Antonio de Cumbaza, from where the trail begins. Hiring a guide is recommended.

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